Current favourite small crossbody bags

Small crossbody bags are so cute and convenient. The smaller the better! These bags usually hold my phone, small card wallet, small pouch with essentials, and keys. My three current favourites include: a black leather crossbody with tassel pull, a Victoria Secret dark … Continue reading

Most useful baby/toddler items

It can be daunting deciding what you’ll need before the arrival of your baby. There are so many baby products available but we just bought what we thought to be essentials through watching numerous YouTube videos and reading blog posts. That way we didn’t end up wasting money on non essential things.

Below is a list of baby/toddler items that I found most useful for our toddler boy and baby girl in no particular order (not including any clothing, bedding or toy products).

1. Catcher bib – The Babies R Us Molded Bib is made of soft flexible plastic so when it gets dirty you can just wipe/rinse it and use it straight away. We don’t use any other food bib and they only need one each.  No stains, no drying time, and the catcher catches any falling crumbs and food. I also use it as a portable snack bowl. 

2. Backpack diaper bag – I personally dislike diaper bags that are bulky, padded/puffy, have too many compartments, heavy even when empty, and have a ‘diaper bag’ look. We have a navy Anello backpack that we use as our diaper bag. It’s a light weight, great quality, sturdy backpack that opens wide like a doctor bag. We love it!

In general, backpacks are great to use as a diaper bag because it’s better to be handsfree for those times you don’t take the stroller. It doesn’t fall off your shoulders when you need to carry it and it’s less straining on the body.

3. Baby carrier – I borrowed a Baby Bjorn Original Carrier and used it every time we went out until our boy was too heavy for it! Now we use it for our baby girl. It’s so easy to clip on by yourself and very comfortable to wear. I also use it around the house when needed.

4. Bottles & bottle related items – Our essentials are milk bottles (we use Advent bottles that were given to us by family), Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup (dentist recommended, drinkable from any side like a normal cup, and spill-proof unless dropped hard on the floor but reseals back – a favourite item of ours), Tommee Topper formula dispenser (you can also store snacks in them), Boon Forb Silicone Bottle Brush (mold and mildew resistant, durable, nipple cleaner on the other end), heat-safe glass jug (for cooled down boiled water), Closer to nature bottle steriliser (it’s recommended to sterilise bottles till at least 6 months of age).

5. Stroller & stroller accessories – Apart from using the stroller when we went out, it was also great to use at home during the day where I would push them wherever I go and they would watch me or fall asleep in it while I did things around the house or when we were over at someone else’s place. So we didn’t need a portable cot or bouncer.

The stroller we have is the Joie Mirus stroller. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum, you can reverse the handles to face your baby, and you can fold and unfold it with one hand. It lays nearly completely flat for sleep. Unfortunately the straps pilled so I replaced them with nylon straps. Another issue to consider is when you’re facing the baby the wheels don’t turn at the front so you’ll need to get use to manouvering it. Issues aside, we would still purchase this stroller again or something similar because it covers our needs.

Attached to our stroller is a Jolly Jumper Caddy (to hold drinks and small items for easy access), Huggies refillable wipes case (for wiping tables, hands, trolleys, diaper changes ect.), two large carabiners (to hang our baby bag or extra shopping), and a Baby Gear Easy carry change mat (don’t need to place your baby directly on a public change table, can change them wherever you are, easily wipe off any mess). A stroller liner is also a must for the unexpected poo explosion or food and drinks spillage.

6. Convertible carseat – We didn’t purchase an infant carseat because we couldn’t justify the price with how long it can be used for. Most babies outgrow them quickly. We managed well with a convertible Infasecure Kompressor carseat when our son was a newborn, and now our daughter is using it. They can use it till around 4 years of age.

7. Bath/shower support – We use the Dream Baby Bath Support with Foam Padding in both the bath and shower. We didn’t have one of these till our son was over a year old and I wish I had one sooner because it was difficult washing with one hand and holding him in my other arm. I use the support to wash my baby daughter and to wash my nearly 2 year old son’s hair in the shower as I sit on a small bathroom stool. It’s easier to avoid water going in their ears since they’re laying back.

8. Wipable change mat – Our Kmart change mat has a memory foam interior and wipable exterior. It’s large enough for a toddler, as well as light weight. We previously borrowed a changing bath station for our son but found that it took up a lot of space and he outgrew it quickly.

9. Vicks vaporiser & Forehead thermometer – Both products are a life saver whenever they are sick! We use the vaporiser during bedtime when they are sick and it clears their nose, letting them sleep soundly through the night. 

10. Basic plastic high chair – We have a dark grey one from Aldi but they sell these nearly everywhere. It’s easy to wipe down, simple to use and light weight, making it a breeze to use around the house. 

What’s in my work bag (minimal)

I bought a cute black Kate Hill (Danika) backpack to use as a more formal diaper bag for nicer occasions. I also use it once in while as a work bag for my part time position as a Marketing Assistant. The backpack is very spacious inside, opens wide, has quilted stitching all over the front, and has gold hardware.

The contents of my work bag are:

  • Mimco keyring card wallet
  • mini essentials purse
  • car & house keys
  • earphones
  • usb
  • snack
  • lunch (usually in a glass container)
  • drink bottle (with water or juice)
  • phone (I use a notes/checklist app that automatically syncs to my email account – no need to hoard old planners or feel guilty about throwing them out)

How adorable is this teddy keyring?Reminds me of my baby boy!

Alternative affordable engagement rings

Although I love my engagement ring, if I could do it all over again I would probably choose a ring that’s a lot less expensive and use the money somewhere else, like paying off the mortgage.

There are so many different rings to choose from! Below are a number of alternative engagement rings from Etsy that are both affordable and breathtakingly beautiful.

Non-diamond rings

Left: 10k rose gold sideways pear cut amethyst ring from Deesse Jewelry (around $369 AUD)

Right: 14k rose gold emerald cut morganite, diamond pave ring from Oh My Christine (arround $604 AUD)

Diamond bands

Left: 14k rose gold full eternity diamond pave band from Milegem (around $375-$644 AUD)

Right: 14k rose gold half eternity diamond twist pave band from LeRhin (around $532 AUD)

Halo non-diamond centre rings

Left: 14k gold morganite centre, diamond halo pave ring from Milegem (around $710-$845 AUD)

Right: 14k rose gold oval cut emerald centre diamond halo ring from LeRhin (around $739 AUD)

Dainty non-round diamond ring

Left: 14k yellow gold trillion cut diamond ring from FRomaG (around $786 AUD)

Right: 14k rose gold heart diamond ring from FRomaG (around $786 AUD)

Unique dainty rings

Left: 14k yellow gold marquise cut diamond crown ring from Capucinne (around $980 AUD) 

Right: 14k gold onyx crown ring from Ardonn (around $282 AUD)

Moissanite rings (diamond alternative)

Left: 14k gold moissanite ring from Louisa Gallery  (around $752 AUD)

Right: 14k gold 1ct oval moissanite halo ring from Pop Ring (around $922 AUD)

Antique rings

Left: Antique 18k yellow gold and platinum diamond flower cluster ring from FK Antique (around $610 AUD)

Right: Antique Edwardian 18k yellow gold and platinum oval cut sapphire centre diamond cluster ring from Dear Rose With Love (around $520 AUD)

Home decor – Boy nursery/ playroom

Our baby boy’s nursery theme consists of safari animals, grey and wood. A cot use to be in there but since he still sleeps in our room it’s become more of a toy/play room now. My favourite thing in his room is the handmade hanging name branch. My husband found the branch and sanded it smooth and he also spray painted some of the wooden letters. I hand drew aztec patterns on the rest of the letters and hung them on the branch with twine. I love the theme of his room because he can grow with it.

What’s in my Mimco keyring card wallet

I’ve never bought anything from Mimco before but I came across their keyring card wallet online when I was looking for a minimalistic flat wallet to hold some cash and my 3 essential cards (license, Medicare card, and bank card). The wallet was on sale at David Jones for $40 and it was in my favourite colour leather with gold hardware. I also wanted an attached keyring so this wallet is perfect!

What’s in my mini essentials purse kit

My most recent Etsy purchase was a navy leather kiss lock coin purse from Pulpo Creations. I was searching for a beautiful looking small pouch to store my minimal handbag essentials and it needed to have a wide opening so I can find all the items easily. The dimensions of the coin purse is around 13cm in length by 7cm in height and it fits all my items perfectly.

At the moment the coin purse holds these items:

  • tiny mirror
  • travel folding scissors
  • small pen
  • tweezers
  • travel nail clippers
  • small zip lock bag (with bandaid, bobby pins, safety pins & hair ties)
  • eyebrow pencil
  • eye shadow pen
  • travel containers of tinted moisturiser & vaseline
  • lipstick

Many of the items are travel size, making it more cuter to use and easier to carry. The purse is so small that I can take it anywhere I go even if I use a small crossbody purse. Now I don’t have to leave anything behind!

Celebrity Antique/Antique Inspired Engagement Rings

It’s been while since I last posted about celebrity engagement rings (Celebrity Antique Engagement Rings and Celebrity Antique Inspired Engagement Rings). I still get excited when I see a celebrity with an antique/antique inspired engagement ring. They are all unique and beautiful. Here are more for your viewing pleasure!


Jason Sudeikis proposed to Olivia Wilde with an eye catching unique diamond and emerald halo ring set in yellow gold and platinum.


Alexis Bedel received an antique/antique inspired engagement ring from her Mad Men co-star, Vincent Kartheiser. The ring seems to be set in platinum with an octagon shaped bezel holding a round diamond and a few small diamond details on the thin band.


Adam Levine popped the question on one knee to model, Behati Pinsaloo, with a beautiful 1930s antique diamond ring. The band has delicate filigree detailing.


Romain Dauriac, a French journalist, proposed to Scarlett Johansson with an unique rectangular shaped Art Deco diamond ring. The ring features three vertically set round diamonds surrounded by smaller diamonds. I particularly love her ring because it is a similar design to my antique Art Deco engagement ring!


Sacha Baron Cohen proposed to Isla Fisher with an antique/antique inspired diamond ring (pictured with her wedding bands). The ring has lovely diamond detailing on the sides.


Mary-Kate Olsen received a vintage yellow gold diamond and sapphire engagement ring from Olivier Sarkozy. It is reportedly a 1950s Cartier ring with a four carat old European cut centre stone, surrounded by a sapphire halo, held by a diamond encrusted basket in the shape of petals.


Evan Ross proposed to Ashlee Simpsons with a custom made vintage inspired ruby and diamond ring from Neil Lane. The ring is made up of a five carat marquise cut center diamond surrounded by rubies and smaller diamonds to bring out the center stone. It is set in yellow gold and platinum.

Diamond Wedding Anniversary Band

My husband and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary recently. He bought me a beautiful thin rose gold diamond band from Diamond Dove Jewelry on Etsy. The band goes so well with my thin stacking bands and small diamond solitaire.


Wedding Ring Stack

I love the look of simple delicate wedding rings. I received two very thin stacking bands for our 7 year dating anniversary in April. They were from Etsy seller, Mary John. One is hammered and the other is twisted. I am currently wearing them with the little diamond solitaire that I had a local jeweler reset. I still wear my lovely engagement ring on the other hand. It’s my favorite piece of jewelry!