Hand Engraved Wooden Box

It was our five year anniversary last week and my boyfriend gave me a beautiful wooden box that he hand engraved. He bought a wood burner/engraver and a plain wooden craft box. He sanded it, engraved it, stained and polished it, and wrote a lovely poem inside the box. It was a beautiful and heartwarming surprise. I think he’s more creative than me!

Gold Leaf Leverback Earrings

My boyfriend and I have a bad habit of giving each other presents early because we get so excited about them. Our five year anniversary is coming up soon and he gave me these lovely two-toned yellow and white gold textured leaf leverback earrings. I love them!! They are perfect for both casual everday wear and formal wear.

Leverback earrings have a hook which securely closes together with a clasp at the back. I prefer leverbacks because they are comfortable, impossible to lose when you’re wearing them, and they don’t hurt when you sleep with them on. I had my ears pierced only a few years ago and I started out wearing studs. The back of the studs always poked the side of my head/neck behind my ear when I slept on my side, and the pain always woke me up. I have also lost a few backs to them and they end up falling out. So when I got my first pair of leverback earrings, I was surprised at how comfortable they were.