Vintage Cocktail Rings

I have been browsing on Etsy, and found so many unique vintage cocktail rings. Some of the vintage items have been altered and given a new life, which I find even more unique and interesting. Any of these rings would make a wonderful addition to the jewellery box!


Top: Antique Art Nouveau 9k Moonstone Ring was from Bella Jewelry Shop

Bottom: Vintage Rose Locket Cocktail Ring from Musarra and Co.


Top:  1930s Vintage Cocktail Ring from Jean Jean Vintage

Bottom: 1930s Honey Glass Cocktail Ring from Heirloom Attire


Top: Vintage Lace Cocktail Ring from Carrier Pigeon

Bottom: ‘The Heirloom’ Vintage Turquoise Stone Ring from Quite Qwerty

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

As you may already know, couples are increasingly getting engaged with ‘non-traditional’ engagement rings that suit their personality and relationship. There is a broad range of ring styles to choose from, such as coloured gemstones, coloured diamonds, antique style, vintage, nature-inspired and so on. Below are a number of unique engagement rings (or right hand rings) I found on Etsy that are both beautiful and inexpensive.


Left: Edwardian Antique Gold Diamond Clover Ring from Luxe Deluxe $315

Right: Emerald Cut White Sapphire Gold Twig Ring from Kristin Coffin $675


Left: ‘Black Knight’ Black Rose Cut Diamond Gold Ring from Sunday Owl $645

Right: Art Deco Diamond Gold Engagement Ring from Antique Sparkle $765


Left: ‘Hydrangea Blossom’ Diamond Ring from Patrick Irla Jewelry $189

Right: Art Nouveau Floral Ruby Rose Gold Ring from Neta Jewelry $294

Famous Historical Engagement Rings

I have been looking at engagement rings with my boyfriend of more than four years, and found that antique settings and antique cut diamonds/stones show so much more character and warmth than the modern day solitaire engagement ring. As many of you know, ‘non-traditional’ engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular. Many couples have the desire to express their individuality and relationship through the rings they wear.

Here are a number of famous engagement rings in history that are truly beautiful and unique.

Queen Victoria’s engagement ring

Prince Albert presented a snake engagement ring with an emerald set head to Queen Victoria. The ring became the first Victorian engagement ring ever made. The snake represented eternal love and emerald was her birth stone.

Princess Diana’s engagement ring

Prince Charles initially proposed to Diana without an engagement ring, as he wanted to make sure she knew what the implications of being his wife were. She was then presented with a tray of rings to choose from and she chose an 18 carat oval blue sapphire engagement ring, elegantly surrounded by 14 small diamonds.

Jacqueline Bouvier’s engagement ring

Senator John F. Kennedy presented Jacqueline Bouvier with a diamond and emerald engagement ring. It consisted of one 2.88 carat diamond mounted next to a 2.84 carat cut emerald with tapered baguettes. In 1962, a total carat weight of 0.66 round diamonds and a total carat weight of 1.46 marquise diamonds were added to the ring.

Queen Elizabeth II’s engagement ring

The diamonds on Queen Elizabeth II’s special engagement ring, given by Prince Philip, came from a tiara that belonged to Philip’s mother.

Sarah Ferguson’s engagement ring

Prince Andrew gave Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York) a Burmese ruby engagement ring to complement her red hair. The ruby was set in a yellow gold basket with a white gold band and surrounded by ten drop diamonds.