Resettings rings

I had a stone reset and a ring remade so I can now stack and wear them with my wedding ring. The jeweler did a wonderful job!

One of my old rings (pictured below on the left), although really beautiful and unique, is thick and doesn’t go well with my wedding ring which is why I had the diamond reset into a thin 18k rose gold bezel ring (pictured below on the right). The glowing rich colour of the gold really makes the diamond stand out.


I also had a really old busy yellow gold flower ruby ring (pictured below on the left) remade into a single ruby twisted stacking ring (pictured below on the right). The marquise ruby was set east-west and the gold was reused.


Below are my thin yellow and rose gold rings together. I just purchased a plain thin yellow gold twisted band and plain thin yellow gold band on Etsy. I plan to wear the rings above with them and stack them together on my wedding ring finger. Can’t wait to get stacking!



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