Vintage Cocktail Rings

I have been browsing on Etsy, and found so many unique vintage cocktail rings. Some of the vintage items have been altered and given a new life, which I find even more unique and interesting. Any of these rings would make a wonderful addition to the jewellery box!


Top: Antique Art Nouveau 9k Moonstone Ring was from Bella Jewelry Shop

Bottom: Vintage Rose Locket Cocktail Ring from Musarra and Co.


Top:  1930s Vintage Cocktail Ring from Jean Jean Vintage

Bottom: 1930s Honey Glass Cocktail Ring from Heirloom Attire


Top: Vintage Lace Cocktail Ring from Carrier Pigeon

Bottom: ‘The Heirloom’ Vintage Turquoise Stone Ring from Quite Qwerty


Hand-Carved Wooden Heart Pendant

Handmade gifts are so precious and sentimental. My boyfriend recently carved me a beautiful wooden heart pendant which I wear on an antique brass chain. It is made of pine wood which is a soft wood and easier to carve with. He then sanded, stained and polished the heart numerous of times to get a nice glossy golden brown colour. It is very simple wood crafting, but the time, love, and work he put in it makes it so much more special.